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About Visamet

Visamet International is a European recruitment agency based in the Netherlands that helps individuals or groups to find jobs. We also help employers to find, hire and manage the great talents that are required in the Dutch labour market. We offer highly skilled European staff in virtually every job field. We are particularly specialised in the technology sector and highly qualified professionals. With experience for more than 15 years in the Dutch labour market, we find you the best jobs and the greatest talent! Because we have lots of knowledge of the European legal system and use high-quality screening methods, we guarantee you the best employees. We also manage all administrative and legal matters for employers. Visamet International is part of the Axxent Group, based in the Netherlands

Matching the best candidates

We are matching the best candidates with the best employers. We are a people company, and we work for and with people. Our goal is to form successful teams or provide the best individuals so you can achieve the highest return on your investment. We talk to you as a person and work with you as a partner.

Your leading partner

We create new solutions to help you find, hire and manage great talent. If an innovation doesn’t simplify your day, improve your team’s efficiency, or save your company money, then it is not successful. And we know because we listen to you every step of the way.

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